Experience gift box Berlin Skyline - VIP

VIP – Premium service and cockpit space

You will be met at our counter with your personal Premium Guest Chip Card, which you can use to quickly click through security. The pilot calls you
as a premium guest first and gives you your premium box with a Piccolo sparkling wine and many treats, surprises and souvenirs. You casually drink the piccolo and look out of the tinted windows of the limousine.

See Berlin from the pilot’s perspective. Our helicopter has two cockpit seats – one right next to the pilot with a straight center view through the large panoramic cockpit and one right in front, with a view through the panoramic cockpit and out the side of the window.

Sightseeing flight

Our smiling stewardesses will welcome you warmly at the counter in Terminal 1 of BER Airport for your helicopter sightseeing flight over Berlin. You will get the boarding passes during the short small talk. Shortly thereafter, we’ll take our snow-white stretch limousine across the airport to the helicopter. The monitor in the car provides the most important safety instructions during the journey.

Then it’s “Boarding: Please board” in the red and yellow green helicopter, buckle up, put the headsets on your head – and the fantastic sightseeing flight begins. Ready for Take off. A start-up is not necessary. From a standing position, the helicopter rises with ease into the Berlin sky, remains in the air for a few seconds and then flies at breakneck speed over the airport, heading for Berlin’s city center. This is the greatest moment – also for Tim and Isabell. Just a moment ago you were wondering about the maneuverability of a helicopter and already the skyline of Berlin is in front of you. The feeling of being higher than all the observation towers in this city is overwhelming. Between the TV tower and the radio tower, everything is so small and yet so close.

The pilot will show you the Adlershof Technology Park – one of the largest science parks in Europe, before continuing on to Treptower Park and Berlin’s most beautiful bridge, the Oberbaumbrücke.
The Hufeisensiedlung (Horseshoe Settlement), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, appears in front of you in the Britz district. The settlement was built between 1925 and 1933, among others, according to the plans of the architect Bruno Taut. Like the imprint of a horse’s foot: from the air, you can see the shape of the horseshoe perfectly.

Suddenly, the sea of houses thins out: you hover over the former Berlin-Tempelhof Airport by helicopter. Below you, skaters whiz down runways and children fly their kites.
The pilot pulls the helicopter into a curve, Tim is thrilled. It goes over the Ullstein House and then – you see trotting horses below you. In the middle of the city: “the Mariendorf harness racing track,” Isabell calls out.

The old Britz Castle with its magnificent gardens is also wonderfully visible on the Berlin sightseeing flight, before the largest new housing estate in the former West Berlin appears in contrast: Gropiusstadt.

Your course is now the airport BER . The pilot gets his instructions from the tower: “clear to land on Helipat” and gently the helicopter touches down again on the airport grounds. After landing, we will surprise you at the terminal with a unique Berlin Flight Certificate. This is the official confirmation of your thousand photos, clicks and likes from the air. You were there! You have experienced it! The helicopter flight Berlin Skyline.
With a big smile on your face the pilot asks you : “And – did you like the sightseeing flight over Berlin?”

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  • For one person
  • Incl. Premium service
  • Incl. Cockpit seat
  • Shuttle in Chrysler stretch limousine to the helicopter (on the airport premises)
  • Flight duration approx. 15 minutes (including engine start-up and shut-down)
  • From/to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)
  • Route: Berlin skyline, East Side Gallery, Oberbaumbrücke, ehm. Tempelhof Airport

170,00  inkl. MwSt.

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