Balloon weather

Here you can check daily if our world balloon takes off.
Is the balloon in operation: Yes! Ascending weather
We are happy to welcome you in the gondola of the world balloon. Our balloon is in flight as long as weather conditions permit. A spectacular view awaits you in the center of the German capital. It is the most exciting viewing platform of Berlin.
Is the balloon in operation: No! Maintenance work / New billposting
The balloon is certified according to the principles of the Europin Aviation Safty Agency under the number FK-5500 / STU. The maintenance rhythms are to be ensured in a sequence approved by the Federal Aviation Office. With resulting calendar and timing checks on the winch, gondola and envelope, the balloon remains on the ground.
Is the balloon in operation: No! Thunderstorm/ severe weather warning
Due to thunderstorms or severe weather warnings, the balloon must be specially secured in advance. Therefore, well before the onset of the gusts, the flight must be stopped and the balloon secured in a deep tether.
Is the balloon in operation: No! Wind
It is not the ground wind but the wind speed at a height of 150 m that is decisive for driving. If the wind is expected to become gusty or exceed the values of 13 m/s, the driving operation must be stopped before the wind speed is reached.

Flying weather

You can reach our wind hotline by phone: 030 5321 5321 / Key 2

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