Foundation and registered office

In December 1990, Air Service Berlin is founded as “Ruppiner Air Service” by pilots Frank Hellberg and Steffen Wardin at Fehrbellin Airport. The company moves to Tempelhof Airport in 2000, with the new name “Air Service Berlin CFH GmbH”. After Tempelhof closes in 2008, the company opens its own terminal at Schönefeld Airport, which remains the company’s headquarters until 2014. Today, the business headquarters are located directly on the grounds of Berlin-Schönefeld Airport and in the center of Berlin – at the Weltballon.

Traffic monitoring

A successful product is developed in 1991 with traffic monitoring for the radio station Antenne Brandenburg. For the first time, pilots host the traffic shows. This is unique in Germany at the time. Today, the company works with Berlin’s most successful radio stations, 104.6 RTL and Spreeradio. The stations’ morning shows have won several awards, including the German Radio Prize.


In the fall of 1997, Air Service Berlin brings a seaplane from Sweden to the German capital and begins tourist flight operations on the Spree for 19 years. This is also, in the middle of such a narrow, large city unique. In 2016, the traffic density on the part of the Spree where the Red Seaplane takes off every day will then be too high. Safe take-off and landing is no longer possible and so, with a heavy heart, the company ceases seaplane operations at the end of the 2016 season. A landmark of Berlin disappears.

Largest tethered balloon in the world

After long and difficult preparations, the “Hi-Flyer”, the world’s largest tethered balloon, takes to the skies of Berlin for the first time in spring 2000. First as a Sat.1 balloon at Potsdamer Platz. With the change of location in 2006, the sponsor also changed. From now on, the newspaper “DIE WELT” is partner of the Berlin Hi-Flyer as the WELT balloon. The new location is right next to Checkpoint Charlie. The balloon station in Berlin is one of the world’s most successful tethered balloon stations and is also the city’s most spectacular viewing platform.

Raisin Bomber

In 2001, Air Service Berlin brings a C-47 raisin bomber to the capital. After a very short time, the company develops into the largest event aviation company in Europe with this unique flight experience. The history of the Airlift comes alive again and captivates thousands of guests. In 2010, the aircraft is severely damaged after an emergency landing at Berlin-Schönfeld Airport and loses its airworthiness. The Raisin Bomber was planned to be rebuilt by the support association “Rosinenbomber e.V.” with donations. Air Service Berlin employees also volunteered their time to this association. In 2019, the project unfortunately had to be discontinued, as a change in the law would no longer have allowed flights. Another Berlin landmark disappears


In 2002, Air Service Berlin starts helicopter flights over Berlin and adds this license to its AOC. In addition to tourist sightseeing flights, the machines are used for film flights and as business shuttles. Meanwhile, more than 7000 guests per year experience the breathtaking view of the city and the spectacular feeling of flying in a helicopter. Our pilots have many years of film flight experience, which is known nationwide. It is not uncommon to see our red fliers in reports and feature films. Since 2017, the focus of helicopter flights is more and more on the tourist sector.


Air Service Berlin employs the pilots with the most flight experience over Berlin. The company is defined by the quality of special products, which are developed independently or with partners such as DLR or other business partners. These are brought to the market by us as a final product. Thereby the flight hour is an important part, but rarely the final product. Rather, flying is coupled with other elements to create an overall show. With this strategy Air Service Berlin has become the most successful event and special aviation company.


The aircraft C 172 / D-EOXO, our red machine for traffic control, was equipped with a new engine and airscrew system. The aim was to make the aircraft more efficient and quieter.  The surveillance aircraft is the aircraft with the most flying hours over Berlin. More than 10,000 hours have been flown to date, 95% of which in Berlin airspace. In 2015, the tethered balloon in the center of Berlin received a completely new technical system and one of the most modern balloon envelopes. New materials and production processes bring brilliance to the fully printed envelope, which now also shines at night over Berlin.

Banner advertising

Air Service Berlin offers banner advertising on its tethered balloon for external companies, associations, societies. For example, the banners of Samsung, Aktion Mensch, or the association ISMN e.V. gained great attention.

The event and special aviation company

The aviation company Air Service Berlin operates according to the rules of the European aviation law with the license number AOC 362 EG. We are subject to the control of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. With our fleet of aircraft, we carry the most passengers in the event and sightseeing flight sector, making us the largest provider of event flights in Germany. In traffic control, with special assignments for film and television, the company is the market leader in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Business segments

Traffic monitoring and production of traffic news Tourist sightseeing flights Tethered balloon (world balloon) Event charter flights Special orders / film

Film and photo flight

Photo and aerial photos
Balloon advertising

Our aircraft


Helicopter D-HERZ EC130

Berlin Hi-Flyer

Model: Tethered balloon „WELT-Ballon“
Identifier: D-OCUL

Traffic control

Model: Cessna C 172
Identifier: D-EOXO

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