Flying on cloud 7 - A helicopter just for you
  • Departure at the airport BER, Terminal 1
  • In the red-Yellow-green helicopter model EC 130
  • Shuttle in Lincoln stretch limousine to the helicopter (on the airport premises)
  • Helicopter sightseeing tour over the center of Berlin or entirely according to your wishes
  • Personal flight certificate with pilot's signature
  • Total duration of the event approximately 60 minutes

We'll let you float on cloud 7!

This is the flight for the very big moment! It has to be romantic, it has to be something special, maybe even a marriage proposal in the sky over Berlin? Or a wedding flight?

Whether for a special occasion or just to delight your companion: With an exciting sightseeing flight just for two high above Berlin's city, hearts are guaranteed to soar.

The premium service at the airport terminal is included, providing a true VIP experience without queues.

The crazy part: You design your flight route according to your own wishes in advance. We'll fly you wherever you want.

Airport BER

Your flight doesn't start just anywhere in Berlin, but right where the business jets of celebrities, business, and politics take off: AirportBER, Terminal 1. A sparkling champagne reception awaits you, followed by our chauffeur escorting you alone in a genuine Lincoln Stretch Limousine directly to the helicopter, and the journey to happiness begins.

Please board and fasten your seatbelts! Through the headsets, you'll hear the takeoff clearance from the tower, and then, it's a great feeling - from a standstill, you're up in the air and you already feel free, experiencing a pleasant tingling sensation in your stomach. Is it the flying, or is it the whispered words of your loved one in your ear?

Skyline Berlins and the green surroundings

Admire the breathtaking skyline and historic buildings of Berlin or the wonderful nature including the many lakes in the surrounding area of the capital. Enjoy the experience together in the air. Forget about the rest of the world - up here, only the unforgettable moment with your companion matters.

And so you don't think afterwards that you only dreamed it all, you will receive a personal flight certificate, signed by your pilot.


Price: Upon request

incl. 0 VAT
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