Is the balloon in operation: Yes! Ascending weather

We are happy to welcome you in the gondola of the world balloon.
Our balloon is in flight as long as weather conditions permit. A spectacular view awaits you in the center of the German capital. It is the most exciting viewing platform of Berlin.

Is the balloon in operation: No! Maintenance work / New billposting

The balloon is certified according to the principles of the Europin Aviation Safty Agency under the number FK-5500 / STU. The maintenance rhythms are to be ensured in a sequence approved by the Federal Aviation Office. With resulting calendar and timing checks on the winch, gondola and envelope, the balloon remains on the ground.

Is the balloon in operation: No! Wind

It is not the ground wind but the wind speed at a height of 150 m that is decisive for driving.
If the wind is expected to become gusty or exceed the values of 13 m/s, the driving operation must be stopped before the wind speed is reached.

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