World balloon

The Berlin Hi Flyer is one of the largest passenger tethered balloons in the world.

World balloon FK-5500/STU

The world balloon is a helium-filled tethered balloon with a maximum buoyancy of 4.5to. It is anchored to the ground by a 150m long, 22mm thick steel cable and a winch weighing about 10 tons, which is operated by radio remote control.In case of emergency, the winch can of course also be operated by the ground crew, with whom our pilot has contact at all times, just as with the tower responsible for us at the airport. In the unlikely event of a system malfunction, such as a power failure, there are several ways to get the balloon back on the ground. In addition to the hydraulic winch, we also have a diesel generator and a battery-powered electric winch.

The World Balloon is an officially licensed aircraft, subject to the same maintenance intervals as an Airbus or Boeing, and is controlled exclusively by licensed pilots (as required by European aviation laws).

The gondola is licensed for a maximum of 30 people. However, the number of passengers on board depends solely on the current wind conditions, ranges from 7 to 22 adults or up to 30 children, and is determined by the pilot prior to each ascent based on meteorological conditions.

Numbers, Data & Facts

Max. Driving height:
150 m
3.015 Kg
Balloon diameter:
Balloon circumference:
71,22 m
Balloon volume:
6100 m³
Gondel Durchmesser:
5,90 m
Tether rope diameter:
22 mm
Max. Wind speed for passenger operation:
24 Km/h bzw. 13 kt

Weltballon FK-5500/STU

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