Berlin skyline

Skyline Berlin-Mitte: East Side Gallery, Oberbaumbrücke, former Tempelhof Airport
  • Departure at BER Airport, Terminal 1
  • Red-yellow-green helicopter model EC 130
  • Shuttle in Lincoln stretch limousine to the helicopter (on the airport premises)
  • Helicopter tour Berlin Skyline to the center of Berlin
  • Flight duration approx. 15 minutes including engine start-up and shut-down
  • Personal flight certificate with passenger data and pilot's signature
  • Total duration of the event approx. 45 minutes
  • You purchase a ticket for a specific flight date or a voucher that you can give as a gift. The voucher can be used for all flights, souvenirs, books, etc.
ab 99,00€
incl.19% VAT
+++Make your helicopter flight even more unique. Book these services in the next step.

Place next to the pilot

We have 2 cockpit seats- one, right next to the pilot with a view through the large panoramic cockpit and one, with an additional view out the side of the window.

45€ per person

Premium service

Combines the Speedy Boarding service with our personal Premium Service- Welcome by our crew, priority boarding of the limousine, personal Premium Pass and the unique Premium Bag with Prosecco (optional non-alcoholic drink) nibbles and small surprises.

26€ per person

Speedy Boarding

With speedy boarding, you only need to be at the counter one hour before departure. We accompany you with our special Berlin Helicopter Boarding Pass. So you are faster than everyone else!!


18 € per person



Frequently asked questions: Helicopter

Yes, the price always refers to one person.
There fly a total of up to 6 guests (500 kg)
The Premium Service includes the “Skip the Line” service. You will be taken through the security check and do not have to queue. Therefore, it is also sufficient if you are at BER one hour / instead of two hours before departure. There is also an additional welcome drink. The Premium Service costs an additional € 26.00 p.p.
You will be informed by phone and in consultation with you will be booked on another date – of your choice – at the known flight times or you will receive a voucher and book yourself again.
We recommend that you book about 14 days in advance.
Children have their own seat in the helicopter and therefore do not receive a discount.
You can exclusively secure one of the two available cockpit seats. For all other guests, the pilot will allocate seats on the spot, depending on the weight.
We have guests from all directions on our plane. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our flight routes over the city are fixed. But you can charter the machine for yourself. Just make a request via our contact form.
Yes, we offer this service. Please contact us by phone before your booking. The service must be registered with the airport and is subject to a fee. The invoice will be issued by BER Airport. See our terms and conditions.
As with all airlines, the maximum weight per seat is 120 kg. Above this weight you will have to book another seat on this flight. Attention: if the weight is incorrect, you can be excluded from the flight and the ticket will be forfeited.
You can request a cancellation or rebooking by e-mail. The respective costs can be found in our terms and conditions.

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Berlin skyline

ab 99,00€
Skyline Berlin-Mitte: East Side Gallery, Oberbaumbrücke, former Tempelhof Airport

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Procedure for the Berlin Skyline

Berlin Skyline sightseeing flight

Up for some pure flying pleasure and a bit of excitement? Then join Berlin Helicopter for an unforgettable tour with a view of the Berlin skyline.

At the Berlin Helicopter check-in counter, located in Terminal 1 of the new capital airport BER, our friendly stewardesses will warmly welcome you and hand you your personal boarding pass. After passing through security, take a brief exploration of the airport, and then hop into our snow-white stretch limousine for the ride over to the helicopter. You can already follow the most important safety instructions on the monitor during the drive.

Ready for Take off on BER!

Then it’s time for “Boarding: Please Board” into the red-yellow-green helicopter, fasten your seatbelts, put on your headsets – and the fantastic Berlin Skyline sightseeing flight begins. Ready for Takeoff! The helicopter effortlessly rises from the ground into the Berlin sky. For a few seconds, it seems to stand still in the air before flying rapidly over the airport towards Berlin City. This is the greatest moment. Just moments ago, you marveled at the agility of a helicopter, and now the skyline of Berlin lies before you. The feeling of being higher than all the observation towers in this city is overwhelming. Between the TV tower and the radio tower, everything seems so small yet so close.

Technology Park Adlershof, Treptower Park, and Oberbaum Bridge to Britz

The pilot points out the Adlershof Technology Park – one of the largest science parks in Europe, and soon you find yourself flying over the Treptower Park, admiring Berlin’s most beautiful bridge – the Oberbaum bridge.

The next highlight over the Britz district is the Hufeisensiedlung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The settlement was built between 1925 and 1933, among other plans by the architect Bruno Taut. Like the impression of a horseshoe: from the air, the shape of the horseshoe is clearly visible.

Former Tempelhof Airport, over the Mariendorf Harness Racing Track, back to BER

Suddenly, the sea of ​​houses clears: you’re hovering over the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Below you are the old runways, inhabited by countless skaters and vast green spaces where children fly their kites.

The pilot makes a turn, flying over the Ullsteinhaus, and then – you see trotting horses below you. In the middle of the city: the Mariendorf Harness Racing Track! Shortly after, you’ll spot Britz Castle with its magnificent gardens before the largest housing estate in former West Berlin appears in contrast: Gropiusstadt.

The pilot begins a slow descent. From the tower comes the announcement “clear to land on Helipad”. You gently touch down on the airport grounds again. Back at the terminal, you receive your unique flight certificate, personally signed by the pilot.

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